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Apex Legends™ - Octane Edition (Xbox Game EU)

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    Apex Legends - Octane Edition is jam-packed with cool features and additions. What makes the Octane Edition great is the fact that it comes with the Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin, exclusive Violet Widow gun charm, legendary Archanoid Charge Rifle skin, exclusive venomous badge, as well as a thousand Apex coins.

    The story starts after the Frontiers war is finally over. Decades of conflict between the militia and the IMC have halted, and the Frontier is finally enjoying some peace. However, the world has suffered many consequences because of the war. Because the people didn’t have a way to support themselves, most of them were forced to leave home.

    Some individuals moved to the Outlands, which is a remote cluster of planets that were, fortunately, untouched by the war. However, even though the Outlands are full of life, there is still some danger lurking around the corner.

    Aperx legends - Octane Edition is guaranteed to provide you with excitement and fun. Players will be able to collect various crafting materials to create new pieces of loot. Once they’ve collected enough, users can go over to the Replicator to choose higher-tiered loots.

    World’s Edge has also been revamped by the creators. Now, users can observe geysers, changing leaves, as well as rocket sites that Hammond Robotics has deployed to transport resources from the planet. Lastly, users can complete daily and weekly challenges to boost their accounts and earn rewards like packs, XP boosts, and skins.


Apex Legends Mobile - Aftershow Patch Notes
Apex Legends Mobile - Aftershow Patch Notes

Apex Legends Mobile's upcoming Aftershow update is almost here, with a launch date set for October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. The announcement that the game's sophomore season is getting a third battle pass came as quite a surprise (previous seasons have had two battle passes each), leaving fans wondering what exactly the Aftershow update consists of. Today, players' questions were answered when the game's developers posted a link to the Aftershow patch notes on Twitter.Check out the full Aftershow patch notes here: https://t.co/akBQBnzIJw🎟️ Aftershow Battle Pass 🎉 New Seasonal Events🗺️ Map & Ranked UpdatesAftershow arrives tomorrow, Oct 4, at 5pm PT/Oct 5 0:00 UTC. See you then! — Apex Legends Mobile (@PlayApexMobile) October 3, 2022 A blog post on EA's official website goes into further detail, describing maps, gameplay changes, and other updates. One thing is conspicuously missing, however: a new legend. It seems this will be the first Apex Legends Mobile battle pass to launch without a legend to accompany it. This may be the result of devs choosing to focus on game balance, perhaps in the hopes of avoiding legend oversaturation. With the mobile game previously adding mobile-exclusive legends at a breakneck, every-other-month pace, it makes sense that it would take some time off to regroup. But the new battle pass is also shorter than previous passes, and cheaper--the Aftershow battle pass only costs 299 Syndicate Gold (~$3 USD).Regardless, there's still plenty of unique content coming to Apex Mobile when Aftershow launches. Several in-game events have been announced, including one which, if completed, will unlock Fade as a playable character free of charge--a rare opportunity in the mobile game. Another new addition, Solos Mode, will give players the opportunity to experience Apex Legends as a lone wolf, with no squad to back them up (or blame for their mistakes).Continue Reading at GameSpot